Useful Links

Here are some links which you may find useful

Exam Boards:

OCROCR (awarding body for A Levels, GCSEs, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Technicals and other qualifications)

Autism Awareness:

OCRSleep help is a resource specifically for helping children and adults with autism to get better sleep.

Education Law Specialists:

Nathan Davies - Education SolicitorHCB Group - Nathan Davies (Education Law Specialist) - Click here to contact via email

Independent Parental Advice:

National Parent Partnership NetworkNational Parent Partnership Network - IASS (Information, Advice & Support Services Network)

Specific Learning Needs:

IrlenIrlen (Where the Science of Color Transforms Lives)

The National Autistic SocietyThe National Autistic Society - NAS (Until everyone understands)

British Dyslexia AssociationBritish Dyslexia Association (UK national organization, offering a wide range of information for parents, dyslexic adults and teachers)

DyspraxiaDyspraxia Foundation (Incorporating Developmental Co-ordination Disorder - DCD)

Local Councils:

SouthSouth Staffordshire Council (Facilities Management for Smartkids)