What our customers have said about our Centre...

What the Parents said:

"Thank you for all your help with Joseph. I would like to say thank you. Your support has been invaluable. I know he came to your for ICT but you have been fantastic helping him with his school work too."


"Thank you for teaching Tara and helping her to gain her Level 2 Diploma. We are so proud of her, and for all your support."

Bev, Manjit and Jasmine

"In the 15 months that my KS2 son has attended Smartkids his LS assessed reading age has progressed by around 3 years. The Smartkids approach to learning has given him the confidence and skills that he needed in order for him to make progress at school. He now enjoys learning and enjoys going to school, he is in a better position within his peer group, he is ready to sit his SATS and school have commended his progress. I therefore recommend Smartkids for children who may be struggling at school, who have fallen behind or who are reluctant learners. Smartkids achieve success by using flexible teaching methods that children are able to engage with and which encourage active and fun learning. An excellent and valued service that has saved us from much heartache and anxiety."


"All my three children ranging from 8 to 17 attended & still attend smart kids for the past 10 years not only the are getting computing qualifications, they are learning in a safe & friendly environment. Yvonne's patience and passion for the kids learning is second to none. I would recommend Smart kids for all children giving them the confidence in using computer packages."


"My two daughters have been attending Smartkids lessons for many years. My eldest achieved the equivalent of a GCSE in her computer course at the age of 8. The teacher, Yvonne, is very hands on, and so committed to the children and their progress. Right now she is helping Rebecca prepare for her test for Wolverhampton Girls High - familiarising her with the way test questions are asked. I can't speak highly enough of this educational club. I wish I could have gone there as a child, but I'm told there are adult lessons there at the weekend, should I wish to refresh in some computer skills! I would definitely recommend Smartkids to any discerning parent."


"After much debate with "A" plus her fantastic reports from school on how well she is doing it is with sadness that she will be no longer attending on a Saturday. I am pleased to say she is in top sets in all subjects and doing extremely well. It has all been possible with the help of Smartkids. Thank You for all the your help with "A"."


"My lad passed his level 2 diploma (worth two g.c.s.e) in computers at 15 with this centre. I would recommend smartkids to anyone and the price was good value for the money spent .THANK YOU YVONNE..and all the helpers."


"Our 2 daughters have attended Smartkids and both loved it. Yvonne creates are very welcoming atmosphere which balances fun with learning. Our eldest has completed the course but Yvonne has kept her involved helping out some of the younger children. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smartkids as a fun after school activity to help your children's education and familiarize them with IT."


What the Students have said:

"Thank you for everything. Thank you for never giving up on me!"


"Thank you for teaching me my computer skills!"


"Smartkids has helped me to improve my IT skills since I joined at the age of 3. The helpers are great at teaching me and I have learnt lots. Thanks for everything!"


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